As a painter I am primarily interested in how we see the world around us, how this viewpoint is formed and how it can be effected. I am currently working on what I see as 2 interlocked disciplines. The first, what I call my “pixel” paintings, are an expression of the confusion and uncertainty I experience through my interaction with the “Media”. This conduit of second-hand information is seldom a pure unfiltered or unadjusted stream, “truth” is always told the way those telling it want it to be told. Running parallel to this is an ocean of information from social media, on-line blogs, pressure groups, on-line press all the way down to individuals with cell phones. This is not your life but it is also your life. Never before have so many had access to the means to broadcast themselves and ideas around the world. Huge amounts of poor quality often incomplete confused information is tossed around and we all have to try and make something from it. Paranoid conclusions are rife within conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists are dismissed as nutters by the establishment even when their evidence is compelling. Nothing has ever been less clear and never have we been here before.


My other interest as a painter is painting “en plein air” in an impressionistic style and by painting in pixels. This is traditionally what we consider to be “reality”. The outside world and experiencing it first hand by being in the elements is as “real” as it gets. But current theories on the nature of reality and the universe question this idea. An atom is virtually empty we are told. That trusty old wooden table that looks so substantial is virtually empty on an atomic level and so are we. The Higgs-Boson has apparently been found and they have calculated its weight, this is beyond me. The theories that humanities top scientific minds are exploring are akin to sci-fi movies. Is this all a projection? If so who or what is projecting it? Does reality exist? Do we? The closer we look the more questions arise.