At present my work explores the pixelation and corruption of digital images. Working in painted squares some of the images that I create have definite recognisable forms, others may or may not. Just as people often see recognisable forms in clouds etc. the mind often creates its own sense or order from these paintings. For this reason I prefer not to reveal what, if anything, the images represent. I am more interested in how the viewer interprets them with their own eyes and minds.

The inspiration for this method of working comes from using digital media. In a very short space of time it has revolutionised the way we see and spread visual information. With an ever evolving armoury of networks and devices, digital technology is both rapid and accessible. It enables events to be relayed around the globe faster than ever before. My work questions what this revolution in visual representation means for us as people, and how it may affect our perception of what we see as reality.