A Little about me

I left a career in graphic design to become a freelance artist in May of 2009. Since then I have experimented with many painting styles, themes and techniques. I love exploring materials and it has been a long time since I have painted on a bought canvas. I find that wood, mdf, hessian, and more recently aluminium provide a far more interesting substrate for painting on and I much prefer the freedom in shape and size that these home made canvases provide.

My jumping off point when I returned to painting in 2009 was trees, especially the bare branches of winter and the vivid palette of autumn. Painting from my own photographs and zooming in close led me to painting in a pixelated style which gave me a method of exploring many themes concerning digital media, social media, particle physics, quantum theory, conspiracy theories and much more but also simple abstraction and aesthetics.

More recently I have returned to studying the landscape, painting en plein air and in the studio and this is where my current interest lies. Last year I produced my first 3D pieces with “Glitch 12:00h 6/5/16” which was an installation piece on the beach at Cley for Cley Contemporary 2016 and “Waveney Glitch” which won the Judges prize at the Waveney Sculpture trail. This year I have produced 3 sculptural installations, “Breach”, for Cley Contemporary 2017 and 2 pieces for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail, “One thing Leds to Another” and “The Uncarved Block”. You can find these and many new paintings on this site so go take a look.

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