Waveney Glitch was a site specific piece for the Waveney Sculpture Trail 2016. It won the Judges prize.

A judge’s panel had the unenviable task of deciding on the winner of the main award, worth £400. They were keen to give it to the artist who had responded most thoughtfully to the environmental setting and created a piece of intrinsic quality. Eventually, from a shortlist of four, Brian Korteling’s Mirror Cube was chosen. Nicky Stainton, Chair of Waveney & Blyth Arts, commented “Many of the artists created powerful and beautiful work in response to the challenge of the site, but we were struck by the fact that Brian, having experienced and considered the site, radically changed his ideas from the original one of creating a pixilated painting of the view/environment to re-creating the view/environment as a pixilated reflection. He came up with an original way of achieving that – a mirrored cube – and of making it safe and suitable for the setting. On top of that it was sited very well and created a fascinating image that intrigued and attracted people.”


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Photographs courtesy of Andrew Atterwill